Our company is dealing in reselling all sorts of hand tools, car lifts and other machinery. Our customers are mainly other companies, such as body shops, garages, servise shops etc… We are working on offering our clients a wide range of tools with quality as well as affordable price. Which is why we are offering tools from local manufacturers as well as from abroad. We are importing from more than 6 other european countries. A few of those brands are: Twin Busch GMBH – Car lifts and garage equipment, Ingersoll Rand Industrial Ltd. – Pneumatic and Battery powered tools, BGS Tools and KS Tools – Hand tools and Automotive tools, Serenco – Hand tools and Vulcanizing Tools, GYS France – Body shop Tools, Scangrip – Work lights, Unior – Hand tools, Space s.r.l. – Lifts and machines,… Above all, we try to offer a fast response, so our customers are served as fast as possible. With pleasure we offer our guidance and support to the customers.